For the third time this year DeQuincy, Louisiana is the butt of an internet hoax, this one claiming that the small town has banned 'twerking'. And, once again, city officials find themselves in damage control mode and the object of a lot of unwanted attention.

The website,, is known for its fake press releases about any number of subjects, many of which are thought to be true and spread like wildfire on the internet. Here's a portion of that site's DeQuincy story:

The dance craze known as 'twerking' has become such a problem in the town of DeQuincy, Louisiana that city officials have made it illegal. The ban, which carries a 30 day jail term for the first offense, goes into effect at midnight tonight.

Meanwhile, DeQuincy Mayor Lawrence Henagan said, "The story's all a bunch of hogwash! There's nothing to it."

Earlier this year, the same website claimed the town had banned Koreans from living there and just last month a release claimed all DeQuincy students would be issued guns in school.

"DeQuincy's a great town," Mayor Henagan continued. "We always appreciate a little publicity. We just wish it were a little more positive."