If you don't have compassion for animals, this would be one to make anyone have a heart.

That had to be a scary ride!

Imagine, you are a dog and a car comes by, you don't have time to run and the car hits you at 50 miles per hour. You would THINK that you would be dead, right?

Well, this scenario happened in Providence, RI and the dog survived. The driver of a car got out and looked for the dog, saw nothing and went on an 11 mile trip. Then a fellow driver told this person that there was a dog stick in the car's grill.

Amazingly, there was a poodle stuck in the car's grill...and the dog survived!!!! The driver that hit the dog rushed to the animal hospital and the dog was in reasonable health, but did have a concussion and a ruptured bladder.

The dog will live to see another day...however, the dog didn't have any tags, so no one has claimed the dog yet. But with a story like this, you know the dog will find a home quickly, if the owner doesn't step forward soon.

And the puppy survives!

Who says that cats are the only ones with multiple lives? God works in mysterious ways.