The Shreveport City Council is again taking a close look at raising water and sewer rates, but during this week's meeting more details are expected to be outlined.

The city must make federally-mandated improvements to the infrastructure or face fines. Cost estimates for the improvements have risen to nearly $350 million dollars. Shreveport Councilman Jeff Everson tells KEEL News:

"It is time to take action. I expect the council to approve higher rates within the next two weeks and those increases will probably be implimented quickly. We have delayed this for too long."

"It is our policy to operate and maintain the city's water supply reservoir, its water treatment plants, its water storage tanks, its water distribution systems, its wastewater sewer systems and treatment plants, all as allowed by budget allocations".

"We are committed to providing safe, cost-effective and timely delivery of products and services to all users."

"We are dedicated to protecting and maintaining the environmental integrity of our air, ground, water and forestry resources."

One proposal would increase sewer rates by 50 percent and then gradually increase the rates over the next 8 years. Water rates are not expected to go up as dramatically in the first phase.