Every now and then one can only thank a celebrity (in this case a royal one) for their misdeeds. This morning my listeners on 96.5 KVKI / 965kvki.com chimed in with their own comments on the story - and photos - of England's Prince Harry's evening of "strip billiards" in a Las Vegas hotel suite. Then I asked them, in the grandest Gene Rayburn/Charles Nelson Reilly/Match Game tradition, to complete this sentence: "I once played strip (blank)!'


Early answers included Monopoly and Halo (the video game). Here are a few of the other choice listener responses:

Deegie L.: Strip quarters (the beer game), poker and go fish (cards).

Kristina W.: Strip checkers and chess, but chess took too long and we gave up.

Michelle R.: Strip Battleship.

George F.: Strip golf (at night).

Jamie H.: Strip skeet shooting.

Dennis B.: Strip basketball.

Ruth G.: Strip truth or dare.

And the winner is...Shawn D.: Strip Pictionary. We called it dictionary.