According to the Bible, God gave Noah a colorful rainbow as a promise that He would never again destroy the Earth with a flood. But what a rainbow! This is something never seen before.

A report in New Scientist says a German photographer has captured the first natural  QUADRUPLE rainbow ever.
The article says this rare rainbow has a scientific name, which is a "fourth order" or "quaternary."
The photog, Michael Theusner, also was able to shoot a triple rainbow for only the second time that's known.

Applied Optics reports it this way:

"We report what is believed to be the first photographic recording of a quaternary rainbow in nature. It appears on the Sun side of the sky with its red arc at a radius of about 45° from the Sun. The original pictures have been subjected to various forms of image processing to reveal the tertiary rainbow as well as the quaternary rainbow, which are separated by only a few degrees with their colors reversed and their red arcs adjacent to each other."

Now I don't understand any of this scientific jargon, but I do know pretty colors in the sky when I see them and I thought I'd pass this one of kind picture on to you.