Meteorologist Rhonda Lee spoke with Erin McCarty on the phone this morning about her recent firing from KTBS and detailed the events leading up to it.

She said it all started over a Facebook comment about the station's selection of black children for a "Three-Minute Smile" segment. Lee responded to the viewer on the station's Facebook page, identifying herself in the process. Lee said management stepped in at that point.

"I was called into the office and asked why it is I thought I needed to engage the viewer, and I told my boss if you don't engage them, it's condoning it. We're OK with abuse of black kids," Lee said. "It's not a matter of getting involved, it's a matter of doing what's right."

On November 28, Lee was fired following another Facebook interaction with a viewer who was criticizing her hair style.

KTBS cited a breach of the company's social media guidelines -- a document Lee claims she never saw and was refused access to upon termination.

The story quickly took off and has received national media attention. Lee said she's shocked by the massive interest and support.

"Never in a million years did I think this would go much further than Texarkana, but it's been a learning experience and I hope I've been able to help somebody in the process," said Lee.

So what does the future hold for Lee? Is she planning to leave Shreveport?

"I haven't gotten any job offers or anything at this point, so I'm here for at least a while," Lee revealed.

KEEL reached out to KTBS General Manager George Sirven for comment, but received none at the time of this story's publication.

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