NFL Network analyst and former defensive tackle in the NFL Warren Sapp says he's "heard" that former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey is the "snitch" in the Saints bounty program.

USA Today reported that a Twitter follower of Sapp's guessed Jeremy Shockey was one responsible for spilling the beans to which Sapp responded "BINGO!."

The uncovering of the Saints bounty program has resulted in a $500,000 fine for the Saints, a league ban for Greg Williams, and one year suspension for Saints head coach Sean Peyton just to name a few.

Jeremy Shockey was with the Saints from 2008 - 2010 and would have been privy to the bounty program under defensive coordinator Greg Williams.

I'm considering burning my Saints Shockey jersey in effigy. Not that I condone the bounty program, but I just think he is still bitter for the Saints releasing him back in 2010.

I'm sure almost all NFL teams have some sort of "bounty" program, why should the Saints be penalized so harshly?