I don't know how is is at your house, but when we don't feel like going out to eat and I don't feel like cooking we order pizza. We always debate on who should be the one to actually order the pizza. In Dubai, that is no longer an issue with the VIP Fridge Magnet from Red Tomato pizza chain.

At the click of a button, cleverly disguised as a pizza in a pizza box from the pizza chain your order will be processed and delivered. WOW!

That does seem great, but what if you want to chance your order? Then you will have to end up calling in your order like a neanderthal. Unless, you can get multiple VIP Fridge Magnets for a variety of pizzas.

This amazing technology might only be available in Dubai, but I don't see it taking to long before it comes to the USA. I mean really. Who eats more pizza Americans or Dubians? I think I've made my case.