Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera  took a break from reporting on the week's biggest news stories early Sunday morning to tweet a half naked photo...of himself! Rivera, who recently became a proud septuagenarian, captioned the pic ( or, 'selfie', as the kids call them) '70 is the new 50!'

Wife will be p***ed!

Clad only in a white towel around his waist and wearing rose-colored glasses, the veteran news - and lady - hound also wrote: 'Erica (his wife) and the kids are going to be so pissed...but at my age...'

Magic Mike, er, Geraldo?

By the way, Geraldo's photographic tribute to himself was re-tweeted over 700 times before cooler (or younger) heads prevailed and the photo was removed. No word, by the way, on rumors that Rivera put out the photo in hopes of landing a part in 'Magic Mike 2".