This weekend marks the playing of the third of professional golf's four major championships, The British Open, this year taking place in Muirfield,Scotland. And at the halfway mark, the leader is Spaniard Miguel Angel Jimenez, known mostly to the public for his pony tail, his cigars and his extremely odd warm up routine.

Jimenez, a 49 year old golf veteran, is referred to by the nickname, 'The Mechanic' because of his conservative, workman-like style on the course. But away from the links his shoulder length hair comes down - literally and figuratively - where his hobbies include fast cars and expensive wine and cigars.

He's also famous for his warm up routine, or rather, lack of. While some players arrive at the course two to three hours before they play, Jimenez shows up barely a half hour ahead, grabs a couple of clubs and heads to the driving range where he begins a short stretching routine described by one TV analyst as, 'half yoga, half pole dancing'.

Whether 'The Mechanic' can bring home one of the game's top trophies remains to be seen, but he is - and will remain - one of golf's most colorful and distinctive personalities.