I'm sorry, but I am a bad parent, when it come to this one, but today has given me a ray of hope that I don't have to repeat history with the little red monster named Elmo...kind of...

I have 2 kids and my son went through the Elmo phase where everything was Elmo to the point where we went places with a stuffed Elmo that was taller than he was at the time.  We watched Elmo's World ad nauseum. The same episodes to a point where he would watch TV and could tell us what the episode was BEFORE it came on.

Thankfully, my son has grown out of that phase and has moved on...BUT I have one more to go. My daughter and I was dreading the Elmo's world closing song was sung to the tune of Jingle Bells using the furry red creature's name.

If you aren't familiar with Elmo's World, the segment that came as the addendum to Sesame Street is going to the way of The Electric Company Children's Television Workshop has announced that after 13 years, they are phasing out that particular part of the Elmo franchise.  Their reason, it was geared to 2-year olds and it seems that they have a desire to grow Elmo up a bit and target a new Elmo segment toward older kids.

But alas parents, we will not be sans Elmo, we will have a new Elmo segment to contend with..."Elmo the Musical". This new Elmo segment will use music to introduce concepts of science, technology, engineering and math to preschool-aged kids.

Someone from the show says, quote, "Elmo will use singing and dancing to draw attention to the need for problem-solving skills and make the learning entertaining."