Green Day was known back in the day as a punk band and since they were founded, they have softened their edges a bit...until this past weekend.

This is tantrum heard around the world. It would make someone mad, but a fit of this degree is the stuff that Rock and Roll legends are made of. So you could say that Green Day was just living up to their potential.

The reason Billie Joe threw a fit, their set was severely cut down from about 45 minutes to 25 minutes. . Why? Seems as though, the band was being displaced for something more "mainstream" after earlier sets by Usher and Rihanna were allowed to go long.

How did it all go down? Billie Joe stopped their performance in the middle of the song "Basket Case"when he was cued that they had one minute left.

This set him off on a profanity-filled tirade.

Initially, there were reports that Billie Joe cooled down backstage and was laughing about the incident and was done on purpose for creditbility and a stunt, as their new album is coming out tomorrow.

Then the other shoe dropped...Billie Joe rep announced that he's, quote, "seeking treatment for substance abuse" . "Green Day would like everyone to know that their set was not cut short  and to apologize to those they offended."

Their rep went on to say "The band regretfully must postpone some of their upcoming promotional appearances."

Not a good thing for a band launching a trio of albums over the next year.

If you hadn't heard, earlier this month, Billie Joe canceled a gig in Italy after being "rushed to the hospital," quote, "due to illness." Bassist Mike Dirnt later said Billie was suffering from "severe dehydration." (which is code for "I have an addiction problem")

For those who have followed the band since their first commercial success, this is the first "punk" thing they have done in 15 years.