I love Mardi Gras, don't get me wrong. But we are in the part of Louisiana that THINKS they are part of Texas, until something Louisiana related happens. It's not our fault, I mean, the Disney movie "The Princess and the Frog" said it best...about Shreveport being a far away land, so it's not like they claim us either.

I have decided that Mardi Gras in this area is out of control. Let me tell you why...

My real job is having a Mardi Gras decorating contest. All of the offices are getting together, trying to do the best decorating for a ... pizza party. People are REALLY getting into it too. There's stuff hanging from the ceilings and the walls, all in the cubicles... and when someone made the mention of "transforming" their desk into a New Orleans styled restaurant... I immediately lost all interest. I mean, seriously? What are you going to do? Grab a plate and fork and set it on your desk? So this is what I did to decorate. I changed my desktop. Yep. They can't say I participated. Every time I lock my computer screen there is a Mardi Gras mask. Hope yall enjoy your pizza.

In the mean time, I call a local establishment that I am trying to make a donation to. I ask their hours and they tell me that not ONLY do they close at noon on Fridays, but they are going to be off Monday for President's Day AND Tuesday for Mardi Gras.

... Seriously?

I mean, I don't even know what to say to that. You mean to tell me that you get a random 4 day weekend for holidays that everyone else has to work? I mean, even the girls are out of school 4 days. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! Does this mean that only a select of us do all the real work and everyone else gets off every time the calendar burps?

Ok... rant off.