Work sucks and this time of year, it gets harder and harder to go to work. So how would you like to get rewarded for putting up with your bosses crap day-in and day-out?







We have made it easy. All you have to do is email Robert and Erin the reason you dislike your job and if they choose  your story, you get:

1.) 1 pair of tickets to see Nickelback in Dallas at the American Airlines Center on June 1.

2.) Backstage passes to meet Chad Kroeger and the rest of the band.

3.) Passes to hang out in the Gibson Lounge

4.) A personally autographed Nickelback guitar.



So how do you win?

Email Robert and Erin why you need a break from the job you hate.

You MUST include the following (your information will not be sold or used in conjunction with advertising. Your name will be changed for anonymity, if you are chosen) :

- Send to email, Robert and Erin at

- Name (First and Last)

- Email Address

- Phone Number

- Home Address

- Preferred "fake name"

- Tell us your story

Then get ready for Robert and Erin to read your story on the air. They will pick one story each day, post it on our website (and include it on our Facebook page).

Then Friday after the show, a voting poll will have all 4 stories will be placed on for everyone to vote on the most deserving story to win the prize.

Tuesday morning (5/29), Robert and Erin will reveal the winning vote grabber and contact the winner of the contest.