I am seriously in love with this William Levy guy on Dancing With The Stars, William Levy!!

Have you seen him yet.  He's called the Latin Brad Pitt.  I dug a little to find out his background.  He is single and straight!!  Last year, he split from actress Elizabeth Gutierrez, the mother of his two kids, Christopher, 5, and Kailey, 2.  When they broke up, there were rumors of infidelity as well as a particularly nasty story that Levy allegedly assaulted a minor, Karla Alvarez, and gave her an STD during a July 2010 encounter at a Glendale, Calif., hotel room. The actor denied any wrongdoing, saying the girl told him she was of age, and struck back, suing for defamation and extortion to the tune of $10 million. The case was voluntarily dismissed by Alvarez.  I will be watching him on DWTS!!