You know, Tone Loc is still makin' the ladies hollar. Well, at least that's the suspicion on our man when he got picked up for a felony domestic violence June 20th.  He's 45 years old now and the altercation went down with "one of his" baby mamas. He ended up posting a $50,000 bail and I'm sure we'll hear about this later, but while I was reading up on this... did you know he got picked up not even a year ago? He was arrested for a DUI, although his publicist said that Tone doesn't drink... he just had a seizure that caused him to drive erratically. Now, I know that really does happen, and that's not cool at all, but I mean... arrested for a DUI and not a ticket for failure to control a vehicle? Really? What do I know... I just play music for a living.