The Department Of Justice, teaming with the Obama campaign’s “Project Vote” and the NAACP is filing a lawsuit against all of us in Louisiana.

You’re not going to believe why this is happening, and what they want!

We’re pretty well off here in the bayou state when it comes to voting. We’re 4th in the U.S., with well over 84% of our residents actually being registered to vote.

Since we rank so high on that list, why are the feds suing us?! “Voter disenfranchisement”.

So what does the Department of Justice want? Our information, all of it.

The DOJ has demanded we give our current and former addresses, our date of birth, our social security number, our driver’s license number, information on our race/ethnicity, our medical records, and our current and former voter identification number which is assigned to every voter in our state.

Thankfully, our elected officials are raising red flags at this attack as well. U.S. Senator (from Louisiana) David Vitter says, “They’re allowing some states to keep felons, illegal aliens and dead people on their voter rolls –which is a clear violation of the law – while arm-twisting Louisiana to hand over private information about our registered voters.”

State representative Chris Broadwater says, “overt war on our civil liberties by the Obama Administration.”

If you think this is insane, check out what’s going on in Ohio. The Obama campaign is attempting to sue to keep members of our armed forces from voting!

[via PRWEB]