My grandmother, God rest her soul, loved flan. While I never was lucky enough to experience her making flan, I have always enjoyed it as I have lived in the Western part of the USA, so it was always part of the holidays for me.

2 can(s) 13.5 ounces (each one) coconut milk
2 can(s) 14.5 ounces (each one) condensed milk
8 whole eggs
1 Tbsp pure vanilla (not imitation)
1 Tbsp grated coconut
1 tsp butter (warm and melt the butter)

1 cup water
1/2 cup white sugar
2 Tbsp pure vanilla

Caramel (Procedure)
Put water in a pot then put the sugar and add vanilla. Use a medium heat. Do not touch the mix with spoon or knife, do not touch it with anything, let alone integrate the mixture. You can see that more and more bubbles will emerge slowly. When the bubbles are rather slow and the color is brown the caramel is removed immediately and pour the caramel into the mold where you will put the coconut custard, please do not touch the caramel with nothing just move the pan slowly to the caramel is distributed only slowly into the pan and let it cool.

Coconut flan (Procedure)
Mix all ingredients in the blender except the shredded coconut, the shredded coconut leave it for later. Then put the mix in a bowl and put the shredded coconut to the mix and move it with a spoon for integrated into the mix, this is to prevent damage shredded coconut in blender. Place the mixture into a mold previously caramel and put it in water bath at 325 degrees for 1 hour FG, Introduces a knife dipped in the middle to see if you are ready and if it comes to mixing just leave it a bit more and upload the fire 350 FH, but always careful not to burn the dessert. When the knife come out without mixture custard is ready. Let cool before turning out and spend a knife around the edges to lift it off, place a large plate on and put up with it and thus to the stripping welts.