This Saturday in Westlake, Louisiana, there will be a Homecoming Pep Rally for American Idol Top 3 contestant Joshua Ledet. Due to inclement weather there has been a time change for the festivities.  The parade originally scheduled for 2:30 p.m. tomorrow, has been moved up to Noon per American Idol’s request. The parade will begin at the Westlake Multipurpose Center, 1221 Sampson St., and continue north down Sampson Street and end at the Westlake High School.

Posters of encouragement and signage to show Joshua how proud we are of him are encouraged if you plan on making it down for the parade.

Following the parade at 6pm there will be a concert at the Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles. The concert will feature Brandon Ledet (Joshua's cousin) and the Creole Touch, GRAMMY WINNER Terrance Simien, and of course Joshua Ledet will perform selections.

To find out more about the Homecoming Pep Rally visit Team Josh and lets get ready to welcome our own Joshua home in true Louisiana style!