So I am planning my Valentine's Day for my wife and I have decided that I wanted to give her what she wants most. I have been paying attention...however, like most guys, I have been doing my share of reading on the internet. Normally a bad idea, so let's see how I did.

According to a new survey in the UK Daily Mail, the thing women want most is to cuddle with their partner, followed by comfortable underwear, sexy underwear, someone telling them they've lost weight and making someone else happy by giving them a present. Finding a bargain and getting flowers also made the top ten.

The survey was done by a a British supermarket chain called Sainsbury's and these are the 10 things women want most:
#1.) Cuddling with their partner.
#2.) Comfortable underwear.
#3.) Someone telling them they've lost weight.
#4.) Making someone ELSE happy by giving them a present.
#5.) Sexy underwear: Which finished three spots BELOW comfortable underwear.
#6.) Finding a bargain.
#7.) Getting flowers.
#8.) Getting a present: Which finished four spots BELOW giving a present.
#9.) Being told she looks younger than she really is.
#10.) Getting a compliment from a stranger about how she looks.

But wait, the list is a lot longer than a Top 10 is actually a top 50 list. There are some areas that just may surprise you. Here are 5, to give you an idea:

#1.) They would rather win an ARGUMENT . . . which was in 28th place . . . than have a day at a spa, which was 31st.
#2.) They'd rather eat cheese . . . which was 39th . . . than go on a first date, which was 41st.
#3.) They'd rather have someone ask them where they bought their clothes . . . which was in 12th place . . . than have someone cook them a meal, which was 17th.
#4.) They'd rather have clean teeth . . . which was 15th . . . than have someone compliment them on their children, which was 23rd
#5.) And bad news for guys: Women would rather get a new purse . . . which was 33rd . . . than a new push-up bra, which was 50th.