So, if you are on the market and have been talking with your friends about how long should you wait to kiss and everyone has a different answer, wonder no more.

According to a survey by the dating site, the average couple has their first kiss after...are you ready fro this...TWO DATES.

That doesn't sound too shocking, but since couples go on an average of two dates a week, that means they kiss after their first week of dating.

Then there is the question, for those who don't want to wait until marriage, how long does the average couple wait to actually sleep together? Answer: Four Dates (translation: two weeks)

So you have been toiling with the idea of introducing this person to your friends, how long do most people wait? Surprisingly, they wait until they have had six dates (or three weeks)

When you hit the twelve week mark (six weeks), you get the green light to introduce your new "significant other" to your parents.

What happens after 14 weeks? You are free to say "I love you". (Yes, you meet friends, family and have sex BEFORE you say "I love you"...who knew)

Then there is the big step of moving in together...most people wait a month (or 60 dates)

No data shows us how long the average couple polled waits until they get married and have kids, but then again, this was from a dating site, so those people weren't thinking that far ahead.