We have learned over the years how much time we spend sleeping, standing in line, sitting on the toilet, driving to and from work and even how much time we spend eating dinner. So the latest in breaking news on how much time we waste has come down to how much time ladies spend on makeup.

According to a new survey by The Harley St Clinic, the average woman spends 474 entire days of her life putting on makeup. Let's break that down. That equates to:

  • More than one year and three months
  • Three hours and 19 minutes a week
  • An average of over 28 minutes a day
  • That comes out to about 172 hours of makeup time per year.
  • Over an average of 66 years of putting on makeup, that works out to 474 days.
  • 93% of the women in the survey said even after hearing how much time they're spending putting on makeup, there's STILL no chance they'd give it up completely.