One day while admiring my first grandchild, a friend asked what I wanted her to call me. "You're kidding," I answered. "Do I have a say in the matter?" Usually, something comes blurting out of their sweet little mouths one day and - boom - you're stuck with that moniker for the rest of your life.

I can't believe it. You mean some people actually picked the name MeMaw? It took me a minute to think about it, but since the other Grandma was actually called Grandma by everyone else, I thought Sue Sue would be a cute name for me. It didn't sound old like Grandma, or Grams. Yeah, that would my name, Sue Sue. Can hardly wait to hear those words coming out of her precious mouth.

And when the day came, my granddaughter, having a slight speech impediment, said:
Poo Poo. No, darling -- it's Sue-Sue, I explained. "Doo Doo," she replied. No, honey -- Sue Sue.

Then, magic: Woo Woo.

What the heck, that's the best of the three! Woo Woo it is. Now, all my grandchildren call me Woo Woo, or The Woo, and I absolutely cherish the name. My granddaughter named me after all.

Hats off to everyone who tbelieves they have a say in what their grandchildren call them. The truth of the matter is, they're going to call you want they want. I'm just lucky Woo Woo is the name that stuck with me.

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