Most of us have a hard time driving, parallel parking, driving in the rain and remembering to steer into a skid. Interestingly, the Mini Cooper TV commercials have shown us how to do those things, while selling the fun little sports car.

This particular stunt was done in Tignes, France and is now the world's first unassisted backflip.

"Unassisted" is defined as Christian Science Monitor as:

Skilled drivers like Rhys Millen have completed backflips in cars before (sometimes miffing the landing), but with the aid of special ramps with special moving elements to boost the car’s rotational movement necessary to complete the stunt.

For his take-off, Chicherit used a static ramp similar to those used by skiers. With the ideal ramp breakover angle in place, the 34-year-old needed only two other things to record a successful attempt: an extremely light touch with the accelerator and a MINI with a suitably buoyant suspension setup.

One word of warning, don't do this at home. Better yet, parents, hide the car keys from the kids.