On the air a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that my oldest cat, Da'an, had been having some... Uh, health issues.

Quick recap: He's started having some "tummy issues." But his accidents only happened at night so he had started sleeping in the guest bathroom. Hey, tile is easier to cleanup!

Since then, I've gotten several emails and Facebook posts asking how he's doing.

It's kind of a good new/bad news situation.

Good news is that nothing shows up on digital X-Rays. And his blood work came back almost good. Just 2 results were a little low.

His vet has it narrowed down to two possibilities... A food allergy/IBS or colon cancer.

We're continuing with treatments and tests. Plus, I changed his food. But, in the meantime, I needed to figure out how to stop the constant cleanup.

So, I did a Google search and found out that they make diapers for cats! I was excited!

Off to Amazon I went. And in the mail they came.

Next question. How, exactly, do you get a 14 year old cat to wear a diaper? The answer, very carefully!

I wish I could video myself putting them on. It takes about 10 minutes. Giving him pills is easier than putting diapers on him! Plus, my Pug Dharma keeps trying to help.

After Da'an let me know how unhappy he was, I think he gave up fighting and decided to just give me the evil eye the rest of the weekend.

But I kept telling him (like he could understand me) that they were to help him... And he's got a lot of living to do!

He's due for another round of tests this week so I'll keep you updated.