Louisiana drivers face their own unique challenges each day when they get behind the wheel, including not getting into a car accident as they pull out of their driveways, avoiding giant potholes and sharing the road with people who may as well be trying to kill them.

Here are six things that all Louisiana drivers can relate to.

  • 1

    Traffic Jams Resemble a Monster Truck Show Parking Lot

  • 2

    The Potholes Look Like Meteorite Craters

    Ahmed Mobarki, Thinkstock
  • 3

    You're Able to Make U-Turns Anywhere You Want

  • 4

    You've Been Named the Worst Drivers in America

    And Here's the Proof
  • 5

    When It Snows, Drivers Speed Up

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  • 6

    You See Animals in the Back of Pickup Trucks

    Shi Liu