In my never ending quest to find the perfect food, or at least to be a foodie, I have found my latest quest, Hummus Ice Cream.

It sounds odd, I know, but this ice cream can only be found in one place, Jaffa, Israel at LaGenda Ice Cream shop.

If you aren't familiar, hummus is a Middle Eastern chickpea spread that actually has the same consistency as ice cream, but the olive oil and garlic overtones make it an odd choice for an ice cream flavor. The owner,  Michael Mina, told an Israeli television station, "I am a hummus freak. I always thought that one day we should make ice cream out of hummus, and after many experiments, we checked the right temperature, the right kind of grains, and achieved the perfect product." Boris Schwartz, who actually makes the ice cream, said, "It is a little strange, not for everyone, it's for people who like special things." They've also tried garlic ice cream, and are working on an avocado flavor.

One taste tester from wrote, "It is supposed to have some chickpeas and olive oil in it as well, but it actually tastes the most like lemony Halva (halva is made from tahini and honey or sugar(sic))."

Think you could stomach hummus ice cream? Why not try it? After all, bacon is being used on everything, right now. And for the even more adventurous palates, according to Schwartz "We have prepared a few other kinds of ice cream, an avocado ice cream, and two weeks ago tried garlic ice cream."