My hair has been out of control for a few months. I just throw it in a ponytail and off I go. That's changed this week.

Mom and I made an appointment to go to Avalon Hair Salon to see Grace Ann and the gang. I'm the lowest of low maintenance women. I really don't worry too much about hair and makeup unless it's a really special event. But I plopped down in Grace Ann's chair knowing that I will walk away with a much better 'do.

She always asks what I want done. And I always tell her to do whatever she wants. I'm easy. So she chose a color we haven't done before (it's a chestnut shade) and I was ok with that. She lops off a big hunk of hair and it falls to the floor. That's the only time I get a little nervous. But as you can see, she performed another miracle.

Thanks Grace Ann!