On my way home from work last night, I saw that gas prices had gone up again... $3.47 off of Pines Road. And my sister (who lives in Indianapolis) said it was $3.73 there!

But then I came across an article showing gas prices from around the world and realized... It could be worse! Some of these are just crazy:

In Amsterdam, they pay the equivalent of $8.01 a gallon. London is $8.17... And the highest gas I could find? Turkey tops out at almost $10 a gallon!

Now, on the flip side, there are places where it's dirt cheap to fill up. But, not exactly places I'd want to live:

Egypt is still at only $1.13 a gallon. In Libya, it'll cost ya  $0.54... And the cheapest fuel? How about a road trip to Venezuela? $0.06 a gallon; Yes, that's only six pennies!!!

In the meantime, you can track down the lowest prices in the Ark-La-Tex from http://965kvki.com/gas-buddy/

Now I just have to wait for my flying car.