You generally have to drag me kicking and screaming to see scary movies these days.  They usually have way too many violent scenes for my taste.
But I went to see it on opening night.  There was a packed house for the movie which was filmed throughout Shreveport, Bossier and Minden.  It is quite the thriller.  Don't get me wrong, it has blood and guts, but it's not loaded with it.  James Marsden does a great job as the loving husband who finds a way to man-up in the final scenes.  Kate Bosworth is such a cutie....but oh so thin.  Doesn't look like she ate much while she was here.  Alexander Skarsgard plays a great villain, not to mention he is really nice to look at.  I did get a little squeemish a time or two, but it's a thriller I would recommend.  Don't get to see too many local scenes, though.  Much of the movie is filmed at the couples house.

Check out this trailer and see if you recognize anything.