Once a month I get together with my girls for Bunco.
We have a meal and big girl beverages before we get going. And then the fun begins.
Some nights we look at vacation photos or videos. Other nights we tell stories about our lives. You never know what will happen on a Bunco night. All I know is that I usually don't win. But that all changed Saturday night when I won 2 rounds!! I came home with a stack of bills. Most of what happens at Bunco stays at Bunco, but I have to tell the story about the poor dog. "Max" was under the table minding his own business when someone rolled the dice off the table. One of the women crawled under the table to get the dice and she decided it would be funny to "bite" one of the other ladies. That 2nd lady jumped up and yelled "your dog bit me". Well Max freaked out and ran to his owner. The rest of fell out with laughter. Poor Max, he was so traumatized.