There I was at the doctor's office. In the waiting room, actually, updating the far too many pages of forms, when I came to the following: In case of emergency contact. And you know what? I drew a blank.

Well, not a blank, really, but the realization that my two brothers, whom I alternate as next of kin on different forms, wouldn't answer their phones in case of an emergency involving yours truly. Not to intimate they'd ignore my dire circumstance, it's just that they, like a lot of folks, don't answer calls from unidentified or strange numbers. If it's important, they figure, whoever it is will leave a message.

So I started thinking. In case of a medical emergency, who's the one person who could be counted on to be right there, to look out for me and be absolutely sure I received the best care and was nurtured back to health. So I wrote down 'Aunt Bee'.

Actually, I jotted down 'Bee Taylor' (last name is a required field), 'Mayberry, North Carolina' (so is city and state). Yep, the one and only Aunt Bee from TV's 'Andy Griffith Show' is now my emergency contact. I certainly can't think of anyone better, more trustworthy or maternal. And unlike my brothers, I know Miss Bee will answer her phone, which by the way, is also a 'required field'. So, thinking back to old black and white days of Mayberry and the now extinct crank phone on Aunt Bee's kitchen wall, I then wrote, 'two longs and a short'. Because if, heaven forbid, something happens, Bee would be there. And that, as Sheriff Andy used to say, 'Is right as rain.'