I love drive around town with my grandkids and gaze at Christmas lights. They love to squeal from the backseat, ”Look Woo Woo, look at that one!" Personally, I prefer those lights that blink in unison with Christmas music playing on the front porch. Now that takes skill and probably some sort of engineering degree. Probably an electrician's license, too.

The latest decorating craze seems to be blow-up decorations. They blew in like a storm, everyone wanted inflatable Christmas paraphernalia in their yard. But I think they're going out of style just as quickly as they became in vogue.

The fact is, these inflatables basically lay in a heap all day long, looking like a pile like trash. And let's face it: they're mainly geared to entertain very young children. For better or worse, kids just don't stay young long. What do you do with an inflatable Santa Claus driving a train when the truth about the jolly fat man has been revealed?

Maybe if the blow-ups decorations were more glamorous they'd appeal to more households. Giant Poinsettias or snow flakes -- I think those would be beautiful and appeal to people beyond the age of 10.

So, if you have a bunch of inflatable Christmas decorations in your yard and your kids or grandkids have outgrown them, take a minute to look at the people who live around you (Yes, they have inflatables, too.) Start a contest. The last neighbor to take down his hot air-filled decorations wins a prize.

The inflatable of Santa playing golf that adorns a yard near my home will never go out of style. The golf course nearby guarantees that that neighbor would win that prize.

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