It may be hard to believe in our world of celebrity death hoaxes and doctored videos, but last week's news about a woman who'd sold the rights to name her unborn baby to an internet website isn't true! As it turns out, the whole thing was made up and the mom-to-be who supposedly took the $5,000 is an actress who isn't really pregnant at all.

Apparently Belly Ballot, the site that sponsored the contest couldn’t get anyone to actually enter, so it hired actress Natasha Lloyd to pretend to be the excited winner, “Natasha Hill”. The website is defending its actions, saying that they’re a start-up operation and needed the publicity, even if it came with a little controversy.

It seems the ruse came to an end when, after getting worldwide publicity, they received thousands of other entries from potential moms who were also happy to accept $5,000 for  baby naming rights, as well. Website mamagers admitted the scam when confronted by a Loa Angeles reporter, who'd found the actress' real name and photo on her IMDB page.