Are you still reeling from Monday night's "Bachelorette" episode on ABC? Brooks ditches Des and leaves the show.


She reveals that he is the one she has fallen in love with. So what happens now? ABC airs part 2 of "The Bachelorette" finale next week. Desiree Hartsock's brother, Nate Hartsock says all the spoilers you've been reading all season are wrong. With Brooks gone, will she accept a proposal from Drew or Chris? Reality Steve has been predicting all season that Brooks would propose to Des. Nate now says Brooks does not win his sister's heart. Who should we believe? Reality Steve still stands by his prediction that Des and Brooks get engaged in Antigua. He said:

Despite what Nate Hartsock is telling people privately on Twitter, I stand behind my sources. From everything I have seen and gathered over the last 3 months regarding the outcome of this show, I am confident enough to say that Desiree ends up engaged to Brooks, and that’s what we’ll see come Aug. 5th. How she gets to that point is the mystery that I’m unaware of as of now, but I’m confident enough in saying that is the end result. Nate Hartsock is saying I’m wrong. I guess we’ll see once the finale airs.



The Monday night show was gut-wrenching. We watch the drama unfold during Part 1 of the "Bachelorette" finale, and cry along with Des. Brooks decided that he just wasn't "in love" with her. But we find out that Brooks is the one she wants and now she just wants to go home. All of this happens after she has her overnight dates with the other two guys. Brooks dumps her before they get a chance to spend the night in the fantasy suite.


Everything I have read indicates that Desiree is engaged. So who is the lucky man? ABC is famous for using those misleading teases to promote this show, so I am a little worried that I'm getting roped in to yet another 2 hours that I could watch in 5 minutes. Producer Mike Fleiss tells EW: “All I can say is that you will be shocked by how this ends.”

He adds that the ending “doesn't make sense in some ways,” and “It comes out of left field in other ways.” The two-part finale is “the weirdest ending we've ever had, for sure,” and while he won't say if the parties involves are happy, "it sure is interesting to watch.” Would ABC actually show two more devastating break-ups and send Des on her way? No, that's not going to happen. I think Brooks will have a change of heart and realize he does love Des and he returns to save the day. We'll be watching.