Okay, so I made a bit of a joke on the air yesterday morning, asking the question - somewhat tongue in cheek - 'Is Johnny Depp's role as Tonto in the new Lone Ranger movie inherently racist?' After all, as our culture has become more and more politically correct, it's also become increasingly taboo for a white actor to portray someone of another race.

Today, to follow up yesterday's thought, I decided to google 'Is Johnny Depp's Tonto racist?' And guess what, I came up with a mere 320,000 results. So much for considering myself an original thinker. And as you consider the seriousness or folly of my question and the state of our current societal sensitivities, take a look at my favorite 'Depp / racist' headlines and links to those stories.

1) Johnny Depp's Tonto Not As Racist As You Might Think. But Still Kind of Racist.

2) Johnny Depp Takes Tonto From Racist To Merely Culturally Insensitive.

3) Johnny Depp As Tonto: Is The Lone Ranger Racist?

4) An Open Letter To Johnny Depp's Racist Tonto.

5) Disney's Tonto Offensive In Upcoming Lone Ranger Film.