Once microwave popcorn came out, it was amazing that it was so easy to make. Put it in the microwave and in 3 minutes, bam! Instant snack! However, something is even easier than microwave popcorn, which is making the old snack obsolete.

Let's clarify this, people are still eating popcorn as much as ever. You see popcorn used to be made over a fire, then it was conveniently packaged to be made on the stove in a aluminum and foil package (Jiffy Pop anyone?) The stove version gave way to the Microwave popcorn, which was a logical step. So what they heck? How is it that popcorn is as popular as it ever was, but fewer bags of popcorn are being sold?

Let us credit American laziness for this one. Those who enjoy popcorn, are too lazy to make it, because it takes too much effort. After all, you have to get the package out of the box, get the package out of the plastic, open a microwave, lay it flat in said microwave, then close the door and let is pop for 3 minutes. After all of that work, you still have to carefully open the bag, and let it cool down.

So what is so much easier than microwave popcorn?

Apparently, ready-made popcorn is seeing a huge sales growth in the U.S. In the past year, microwave popcorn has grown 0.84%. Popcorn that's already popped has grown 11.9%.

Orville Redenbacher, brand leader, Colleen Bailey, "Microwave popcorn was all about convenience, having only to wait three minutes to get warm, delicious popcorn. As times changed, the definition of convenience has changed."

An industry analyst took that even further. She says Americans love already-popped popcorn because, "You don't have to take the extra step of opening the box, opening the wrapper, [and] hoping you have the skill to watch it so you don't ruin [it]."