Jennifer Lopez isn't Forbes' most powerful celebrity for nothing. Ms. Lopez is an entrepreneur, a Mom, singer, TV celebrity, movie actress, Spanish-language talk show host and famous dancer.

So while  she is still a judge on "American Idol" and preparing for a world tour with Enrique Iglasias, and taking care of her twins, J-Lo has given iPad owners an app to help work out...your fingers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she is mastermind behind the DancePad app.

DancePad will be a "finger dancing" game for the iPad, developed by mobile entertainment startup Moonshark. So what is "finger dancing"? It is kind of like dancing with your fingers...really.

Basically, you have to touch certain parts of the screen in time with the music. The game will have 100 levels (20 of which are free), and will feature a soundtrack with real music by artists that you would find in the clubs. So if you are ready to give your fingers a phenomenal workout, take a look and see what you can be downloading right now.