So my family was over last night and we were watching the Giants move on to the Super Bowl and American Idol came on, so we decided to watch it. I hadn't caught the first couple of episodes, but I guess we picked a good night to watch. Seems as though Jim Carrey's daughter made an appearance as a singer trying out for a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

It was kind of like a family reunion, as Jennifer Lopez remembered Jane (then just a baby) from when Jim Carrey and J-Lo were on In Living Color together. Jane is now 24 and a waitress in LA. So it does seem that her Dad isn't just giving her everything, she is working for it. Granted, having a famous Dad helped out, as she was kind of soft when she was singing, but she did get the Golden Ticket to Hollywood. She then called Jim on camera to get his reaction and it he was very happy for her.

Wanna bet he is in the audience throughout the show, which should help the ratings.