Trop rock artist Brent Burns will take the stage at the Redd's Apple Ale Sun of a Beach Festival Saturday. I think it's a great way for me to get in the right frame of mind to see Jimmy Buffett in Dallas next weekend.

Here's our top five requests for Brent Burns this Saturday.

Now, I am a Parrothead, but not on the level of most Buffett fans. Maybe that makes me a hatchling-head? Anyway, I sought the advice of my significant other for this post. He's the real deal Buffett fan and has seen his show six times.
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  • 1

    The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

    The ultimate escape song about your average man leaving behind his mundane life to escape to the tropics.

  • 2

    Banana Republics

    Sometimes you'll run into others that ran away from more than just a boring life.

  • 3


    The story of what happens when you stay in the tropics too long.

  • 4

    Trying to Reason

    When you stay up a little late in the tropics and have to pay for it in the morning.

  • 5

    One Particular Harbor

    And eventually you will look back fondly on your tropical adventures.