Joan Rivers' new book, I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me, is causing quite a stir. Not like Fifty Shades of Grey has done, but its racy content prompted Costco in Burbank, California to ban the book by the 79-year-old comedian. Rivers is not one to take such an insult laying down.

With megaphone and boxes of her book in tow, Rivers went to the store itself to protest the ban, which she claims is violation of the 1st amendment. She yelled through the megaphone that the Burbank, California store was like "Nazi Germany."

The police were called to escort the always controversial Rivers off the store property, which she responded by saying that it was really the property of "Indians" that Costco stole. Before she was removed the quick witted comedian handcuffed herself to a shopping cart.

She did find some fans, as we can see in the video below, and was obliging to sign some autographs.

Ever vocal on Twitter, Rivers has made it known that she is not going away quietly.