I remember drooling over John Stamos while watching General Hospital, and he is still one of the hottest guys in showbiz.


His original family name is Stamotopoulos, which was shortened by his grandparents when they came to America from Greece. He has two younger sisters, Janeen & Alaina, both school teachers. His first professional role was as Blackie on General Hospital. He stole the show in many episodes.

He went on to star as "Uncle Jesse" on "Full House" during the 80's and 90's. You can find him doing all kinds of acting jobs today. He also likes to play his music and will pop up on the oddest stages.


You might wonder how old he is. Well next month (August 19th) he will turn 50 and he still looks so fine!
You can connect with him on Twitter and see what he's up to!