For those of you who think a leather interior is a sign of a luxury vehicle, well, you just never knew how wrong you were. Because now hip-hop icon Kanye West has taken affluence to a new level, with a custom SUV with an interior made out of a whale's, uh, let's say 'private parts'.

Nope, according to Kanye, you aren’t living in the lap of luxury until you are traveling the streets of Los Angeles in an SUV with an interior made of a whale's foreskin.

West reportedly paid $1.2 million on two Dartz Motors armored SUVs to keep he and his family - wife Kim Kardashian and baby daughter North - safe from kidnapping.

But as outlandish as that may seem, it pales in comparison to the fact that the interiors are made from the foreskin of a whale's penis.

The vehicles builders say the armored SUVs provide 'the ultimate in security' and are made 'to withstand attacks from landmines and rocket propelled grenades'.

A spokesperson for West says the million plus is money well spent, due to West and Kardashian's propensity for attracting 'weirdos and psychopaths'.