Kelsey is more than ready for wedding bells!

Kelsey Grammer is so anxious to get married to his new fiancée Kayte Walsh that he's planning to walk down the aisle as soon as his divorce with wife Camille is finalized. But surely to his money manager's horror, I'm hearing the 'Frasier' star has no intention of asking the beauty to sign a pre-up agreement.

"Kelsey is deeply in love with Kayte and can't imagine spending the rest of his life with any other woman in the world. He knows she's the one and wouldn't insult her by asking her to sign a pre-nup even though his third divorce is going to cost him about $50 million," a friend of the actor's tells me.

Kelsey is already engaged to the new love of his life in his adopted home of New York City, leaving his soon-to-be-ex wife in Los Angeles with daughters Mason, 8, and Jude, 6.

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