The KNG Chronicles are gearing up for new episodes including the 'Grand Prize Guest' feature episode to be selected during upcoming Sportman's Expo set for August 17-19 at the Centurylink Center.

"Redneck" Randal Wheeler, a native from East Texas, award-winning director and veteran actor, explained in his in-studio interview that the show is 'exactly what the name states'. The cast simply kill their game then cook it up for everyone to see.

KNG started as a small cable show in Carthage, Texas in December of 2010. From its small beginning, it was signed by two national TV networks, The Sportsman's Channel and The Pursuit Channel.

When talking about how he came up with the idea for the show, Randal simply stated "I got tired of missing hunting season every year." Now, he doesn't have to.

Randal has performed in such films as Oliver Stone’s “W”, Harold and Kumar 2, “Sin City”, as well as various television shows which included “Reno 911”, “ER”, “King of the Hill” and “Walker: Texas Ranger”. This show just brought together his acting profession with his loves of hunting and cooking.

Rock Bordelon, co-star and Central Louisiana native, stated that the two met while in Oklahoma on a sand dune having a bit of fun while Randal was filming for Killin' N' Grillin'. "He was doing some filming...and we crossed paths."

The two are set to join in the festivities during the annual Sportsman's Expo on August 17-19 and will be giving away a prize package worth $30,000.

"You can win a chance to come Kill and Grill with the KNG Chronicles Posse. We're going to be out there giving away a chance to be on an episode with us and go hunt and fish. It's going to be awesome," said Randal.

There is no set layout for the episode at this time. "Once the winner is chosen for the grand prize, we are going to let them help us plan the episode," said Rock.