The voting's been hot and heavy - over 7,000 total ballots cast - as listeners tell us when they want 96.5 KVKI to start our annual Christmas music.

As you may know, there are three dates to choose from: Friday, November 22nd, next Friday, the 29th and Friday, December 6th. Voting will wrap up tomorrow morning and we'll announce the listener's choice just a few minutes past eight.

Now, if you haven't voted, there's still plenty of time. Just click right here and you'll be taken to another KVKI website page so you can let us know your choice. And, maybe best of all, you can vote as many time as you'd like between now and tomorrow's big announcement.

Like we've been saying, 'Vote early and vote often!' And don't miss the results tomorrow morning just after eight on 96.5 KVKI /