I don't know about you, but when you think of a landmark, do you think of something with historic value? For example, here in Shreveport we have the 2 Huey P. Long houses in Shreveport, like the one on Laurel St, which was built in 1918 and the one on Forest Ave, which was built in 1926. Or any of the historic homes in New Orleans. However, if you live in Grand Forks, ND, the historic litmus test doesn't quite work for this particular century-home.

Meet Jim Deitz. Jim has decided he wants to make his house a Grand Forks landmark...or eye-sore, depending on your viewpoint. You see Jim decided to paint his house with polka-dots...on the outside of the house.

What makes this all so interesting, is that it seems that there is either very lax zoning ordinances or none at all. Jim's house is located equal distance from a Fraternity house, a church and the low-income projects of Grand Forks. One would guess, this is just color for the neighborhood. Because of the prime real estate that Mr. Dietz's home sits on, the city offered him $100,000 to buy his house and expand the low-income section onto his property.  But just as the offer was agreed to Mr. Deitz wanted to add another $50k to the amount and the city backed out. It was just a week or 2 ofter this happened that Mr. Dietz decided to paint his house with polka-dots.

While the city manager says it is an eye-sore, there isn't much they can do about it. In the mean time, Mr. Dietz has said the advantage of a multi-colored house is that the "Pizza delivery drivers won't have any trouble finding this place."