LSU Tigers' offensive lineman Evan Washington, as well as linebackers Tahj Jones and D.J. Welter have been absent from the game but have all overcome issues with academic eligibility so they are returning.

Offensive lineman Josh Williford has also been sidelined because of a concussion at the Florida game and will also be returning.

Will they play in the Chic-fil-A Bowl when LSU faces Clemson on December 31?

Les Miles said, “Practice and bowl week will kind of determine how all that goes and what we might expect with certain guys coming back with a lot of experience,” Miles went on to say, “There’s a point where you want to put a rusty guy in a game when everybody else is tuned up. It’s a good measuring stick, if you will, for bowl practice. We’ll have to see who the best is.”

Les Miles is looking forward to playing in the Georgia Dome, after all the LSU Tigers have been very successful while playing there.

“We love the Dome,” Miles said. “Every time we have ever walked into that dome, we have had a tremendously loyal following. The Tiger nation fills that dome, and we’re excited to compete in that venue again with those people that wear the purple and gold. In my time here, every time we pull up to a stadium, we see purple and gold — every time.”