Meet Jamie Walden, she is stationed here in the SBC, at Barksdale Air Force base, and this will be be her first Military Ball.  One problem, she needs a date.

Her solution, ask Tim Tebow to be her date to the ball via YouTube.

Justin Timberlake was asked late last year and took the time to go and has been quoted saying that it was one of the best things he has done and he had a great time.

In my opinion, Jamie Walden deserves to go and wouldn't it be cool to see someone from our home town to have the time of her life with someone with exceptional skills on the football field and great values in his personal life take this young lady to the Military Ball?

I am sure she would have asked Drew Brees, but he is taken, so I think we can all understand that one. But in my opinion, this young lady is giving all for our country. Let's give our all and get in contact with Tim Tebow and help this young lady have the best date in the Military Ball.

So here is how we help this young lady:
Tim's management:
Tim's official web page:
The Denver Broncos Facebook:
The Denver Broncos Twitter:

Please remember, we are trying to help Jamie Walden, so above all, be respectful and let's all politely ask Tim Tebow to accept Ms. Walden's invitation to the Military Ball here on April 14th.