How would you like to tool around in a car that gets more than 300 miles-per-gallon? A team of students from Louisiana Tech University have built just that.

The Tech students claimed first place in the competition in Houston in the diesel-powered category with 315.9 mpg. They also claimed 4th place in the gasoline-powered Urban Concept Vehicle category with 354.8 mpg.

This year, the Cyber Innovation Center’s academic program sponsored six area high schools, comprising five teams, in the competition. In the battery-electric Prototype Division, Benton High School placed 6th among high schools and 10th overall while Parkway High School placed 10th among high schools and 19th overall.

Parkway Press

In the gasoline-powered Prototype Division a combined Airline/Haughton High School team placed 9th among high schools and 23rd overall while Ruston High School finished 11th among high schools and 25th overall.